Upstream Services

EIFER has been at the vanguard of Information Management services in Wells, Seismic and Drilling operations. Our expert information technology focused Geophysicists, Geologists, Reservoir Engineers and Drilling Engineers work directly with clients and their service providers to ensure highest standards in data management, data migration, data loading, data integrity and data governance.

Our services primarily focus on following areas:
• Information management for Exploration & Production operations
• Integrating & Map the data between various projects from acquisition to appraisal
• Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, digital oil field and Real Time Integration
• Implementation, consolidation, migration of data and global support
Our Experience and Specializations:
• Data Interpretation and Management in Petrel and Landmark Packages
• Designing of standard Data Integration (Manual or Automation) Tools
• Designing of data architecture and Upgrade process
• Vendor Product Testing Capabilities
• Experience with different products from Acquisition to Drilling to Appraisal
• Data Archival and Storage – Managed SEGY Store

Designing Accelerators – Tools, Processes & Templates:
• Data Inventory Generation
• Data Clean-up and Upgrade
• Well & Seismic Data Loading
• Well and Seismic Interpretation and Other E&P data transfer migration
• Data Quality Checks (QC)
• Build Data Integration Tools (Adapters and Plugins)
• Data Integration Workflow Development
• Data Migration from various source
• Well and Seismic data transfer tool from OpenWorks to Petrel
• Design data maps and template for Wells and Seismic DB
• Retrieve right data
• Access to different databases
• Creating Standard operating procedures
• Manage Filters, Tag data and Push data to Project\DB
• Migration of Data
• Standard Naming Convention
• QC data and Load Wells, Logs and Seismic
• Structural Frame work
• Seismic Interpretation
• Well Log Interpretation
• Well Correlation workflows
• Borehole Data Management
• Creating Well layout and Review Maps
• Interpretation
• Real time updates to structural framework
• E&P Data Management
• Report Well Tops
• Drilling & Completion Support
• Drilling Data Management
• WSR Processing

Product Capabilities:
• Petrel/ Studio Manager
• Openworks, Geographix
• InnerLogix suite of software, TIBCO Openspirit,
• ProSource
• OpenWells, WellView, ZMAP
• Petra, SMT Kingdom,
• Petrosys, Enedeq, eSearch
• Seabed, Recall
• GIS, ArcSDE, Sales Analyst
• DecisionSpace® Geosciences
• OpenWorks® Project Management
• Decision Space Data Quality
• Kongsberg Suite of Drilling applications