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Oil & Gas IT Support Services


Infrastructure Services - Oil & Gas

We provide specialized services for Oil and Gas Infrastructure. Subsurface and Wells applications have a diverse behavior than regular applications in Oil and Gas industry. We have specialized skills in Petrotechnical Computing environment. Processing subsurface data for Reservoir engineers and geologists that requires computing environments, we have strong abilities to design/build and maintain stable computing environments

We are expertized in virtualizing any application anywhere

Our expertise in supporting Infrastructure in Operating system support:
• Storage (NAS/SAN)
• Network
• Cloud
• Virtualization
• Robotics
• Transformation
• Workstations
• Database
• Computing environments
• Rig Infrastructure
• Operating System Support

Our SMEs process strong domain and application knowledge to administer linux/Unix/Windows/Android Operating Systems, applications residing on them to meet business purposes with high availability and scalability. Yes, we do use load balancers, Compute clusters and super computers to meet business needs. We do automate builds and maintainance like patching etc on Operating systems.

We design and manage Storage based on behaviors of Petrotechnical and Other Oil and gas applications which can bring best performances. You find us with Netapp and SAN(EMC) SMEs/Support engineers.

We have network support from Data Center to Rigs of Oil and gas. We ensure your real time data streaming is seamless.

While on Premises of applications is not what IT world is looking for. We are expertise in cloud services, Designing and standardizing architecture based on organizations requirement is our special skill. Automated assessment of Application ability to get cloud, dryrun of application performance in cloud, moving applications to cloud and maintaining them in Devops to our clients made is unique Virtualization.

Eifer has experts on virtualization technologies. We not only build servers but we automate builds and enable self healing to have help our clients with reduced Operational and Capital Expenses. Our SME’s are no only, good at built and maintenance, they are experts in Optimization of servers based on usage report. We virtualise any application any where. We have proven SMEs who virtualized drilling applications to android devices.


We have good abilities in

  • • VMWARE
    • Citrix
    • RHEV
    • Containers
    • PARs

    Other Services
    • Data base Administration
    • PAAS
    • IAAS
    • SAAS
    • Rig IT/Rig in Box
    • Compute Cluster/Configuration& Suport