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Eifer World Connect

The real-time desktop-sharing features of web conferencing allow you to meet and work collaboratively over the Internet. Working teams can review design specifications, go over contracts, critique building plans, develop engineering solutions, create presentations and even address customer support issues, all in real-time as if they were meeting in person.

Communication process to streamline Enterprises day-to-day operations, better management of communication, connecting participants inside and outside the organization through World Connect live Video or Audio streaming, Live Chat and System sharing for presentations, conferences, meetings across enterprise worldwide with live interaction among Stake holders, Colleagues, Users, Vendors, and Contractors, Multiple users connected worldwide simultaneously, accessing the streamed presentation, share data, storage of video and data from multiple presenters/participants simultaneously with absolute fool proof Data and Information Security.

Host meetings from iPad, hold audio-only conferences from iPhone and start or join meetings with a single touch from iPhone or Apple Watch. Users can connect with everyone they need and on whatever device they want from the meeting room to their laptops or mobile devices.

EWC web and video online communication solutions to provide the secure online meeting experience those businesses truly need.  EWC web conferencing delivers highly secure voice, video and collaboration through web meetings in our public cloud or your own private cloud.  The Public Cloud Service Web conferencing delivers high-quality voice, video and collaboration through web meetings in our highly secure cloud, transmitting all web, VoIP and video conferencing data over end to end encrypted connections.  With Private Cloud solution, users can maintain the benefits of our public cloud service, but gain control over security, compliance, performance and administration.  Industries, such as Healthcare, Information Technology, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Education and Government can benefit from EWC.


Multiple users accounts to get users team on board

Multiple connections per meeting

Share user desktop while on a call

One master shared directory

Compatibility with mobile devices, tablets and laptops

Record and share videos with Life-size Cloud Amplify

A safe and secure connection