Data Management

Eifer provides with Data management services on a unit basis as a solution, with the ability to migrate seismic data between various tools and applications like Petrel Studio, Landmark, and IHS. We are expertized, and stand unique in the industry to provide proactive data management support in line with business workflow.

We have expertize in tools and Applications like GGRE including Petrel, Openwork’s, Petra, SMT Kingdom Drilling, Completion applications including SiteCom and Discovery Web data Quality Rules including Innerlogix Suite of Applications, Studio, Recall, BHDM, and OpenSpirit for data migration

Data Management Workflow and Support Optimization Eifer’s successful data management components are aligned with Data Governance, Data Architecture Management, Database Operations, Security Management with Data Warehousing and BI Management for Data Development. We provide services in variety of areas in Data acquisition study, Reservoir characterization, Conventional and Unconventional field development, Drilling Rig Support, Wells and Well Logs QC etc.

Drilling & Completions Support and Data Optimization EIFER provide workflows and software solutions to maximize technology. We are expertise in consolidation and utilization of historical data to make ease of daily decisions. Our Solutions of Automation and standard processes are helpful in critical aspects of Drilling operations.

We understand the importance of each process and systems, provide the best automated solutions which increases production and profitability.