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Consulting & Training

We can mention all critical functions in Oil & gas we can provide training on.
Equipping with right people to deliver right work is essential for optimum Business Performance for any Organization.

Eifer has built its own competency and strategy in Skill Gap Analysis and fulfillment for its Clients. We have developed internal solutions to understand and determine the skill-Gap with varied levels of experience.

Steps followed for Skill Gap Analysis and Remedy:

Understand the Skills and Knowledge requirement
We work in collaboration with our clients and understand the current Business needs and Objectives of the Organization, and understand the procedures and processes followed. Understand their skills, technologies currently utilized, and also understand immediate requirements and future needs, determine the important skillset required in different functional areas of business. Collect data and create inventory of critical skills, technology and knowledge requirement.

Determine the gap between the current levels of skills/Knowledge and expertise required. Report the Skill Gap data between missing skills and knowledge to required skillset for successful work performance.

Training Plan & Remedy

After determining and reporting the Skill-Gap analysis, Eifer will prepare the training plan/program to achieve the peak performance through systematic evaluations and competency assessments measuring up to the Client performance standards.