About us

Eifer Software Solutions Inc (Eifer) has pioneered in Oil & Gas IT Infrastructure services and Solutions. Eifer has expertized in Domain, Infrastructure, Data and Application Management services of Oil and Gas industry. Our services are specialized in effective management of data and infrastructure.

Over the years, Eifer has strived to develop a unique expertise in Oil & Gas Domain, Business Process knowhow coupled with IT Infrastructure and Applications that is critical for the industry. With about a decade of industry experience in the technology market place, Eifer is branded for providing professional IT services to major corporations in a variety of industries worldwide.

We are a Texas based corporation, headquartered in Houston.

Our team offers on-site, offshore and near -shore solutions to help customers leverage our industry expertise.

What We Do

Eifer provides with Domain and Application support for upstream (Oil & Gas) with ability to transform the landscape of IT and reduce capital and operational expenses. Migration of applications to cloud while rationalizing and consolidating to realistic requirement to fit business purpose, with an increased availability and reliability is one of our core strengths.

We are expertized in Data Management & Migration for various upstream Exploration and Drilling operations. We support real time drilling applications on onshore & offshore, and also support infrastructure of upstream onshore & offshore datacenters.

Eifer is working on Automation of correlation, exploration and drilling data, and building Robotic arms for various Drilling operations.

We also provide training to Client’s workforce on skill gap to meet work place expectations.